DHA Allocation Files Rates on 10 Oct !



Phase Plot Size Price
File 9/10 1Kanal Rs.48.00Lac
File 9/10 10Marla Rs.33.00 Lac
File 9/10 5Marla Rs.18.25 Lac
File 9 Extension 1Kanal Rs.43.00 Lac
File 9 Extension 10Marla Rs.26.00 Lac
File 9 Extension 5Marla Rs.16.00 Lac
File Phase 8  1 Kanal Rs.56.50 Lac
File Phase 8  10Marla Rs.32.50 Lac
File Phase 8 5 Marla Rs.21.50 Lac
File Phase 7 1Kanal Rs.67.00 Lac
File Phase 7  10Marla Rs.47.00 Lac
File 9 Shuhada Town 5 Marla Rs.26.50 Lac
Phae 7 Commercial 4 Marla  Rs.185.00 Lac

For More Information and Current Rates 0333 056 0333

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